Thursday, January 9, 2014

The New Year

 Happy new year!!! Hope all is well with you guys and gals : )

I wanna thank everyone who has been following me for all this years, your views, comments and personal messages means a lot to me , it drives me to push on making more Monkey comics to brighten up your weeks and entertain you, even when I'm crunching at work or busy with my personal life.

2013 wasn't really a great year for me , although it had some really great moments ( and some wild ones), the downs were really discouraging, I felt like my progression as an artist was hindered, my generosity was repaid with passive selfishness and my time was awfully wasted because of it.

But! What I really want to do is make a real significant change on the stuff that is within my control and I wanna be more positive while doing it!

So here's me in 2014 trying to do my best instead of wallowing about the negatives.

For everyone who has stick with me through thick and thin, you know who you guys are and I truly thank you all for being there for me and actually believing in me. *~*

I hope to share the things I have installed for Girl and monkey and my other personal projects to everyone of you and hopefully sooner!

to better moments, to more smiles, to more epic art, and to far away times.