Sunday, October 7, 2012

Feeling slighty better

Hi guys :3 hope you had a great weekend!
as for me..I had to go to the doctors to get another round of meds    : <.... but... as of tonight I'm feeling slighty better! (mini yayy)

I'm hoping to do finish the next strip within a day or 2 , its gonna be something different and I hope it works hehe.

Being this sick and not being able to update so consistently with my usual strips gave me an idea to do this random one box comics, its really pretty fast and I think doing this litty cute quirky stuff could really brighten up your day! everyday! 

Okay the meds are kicking in again... time to head back to the matrix and dream about random stuff to draw hehe, later people of the world!

(watching kitty videos really did make me feel better.... try it if you're feeling blue or sick )