Saturday, April 2, 2011

47 Mirror mirror


Hi guys! I'm back from army... :3
So...I was reading the latest talk of a pic of a maid carrying an army boy's bag, and I was wondering....why is there the sudden onslaught of patriotic people coming out from no where?

Yes,It does give the army a bad image, joke about it ( really cool photoshop editing pics out there ), thrash talk about it ...sure we all do that, but when the conversation starts to veer off to things like " IF IT WAS BACK IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS I WOULD" or things like "AS A LOCAL GIRL I FEEL..." then I have to say...

NO, you're just trying to point the attention to >>you<< and not the issue, in fact of all the local girls I met 90% of them don't even know what their guys do in army, what unit are they in and suddenly you feel ashamed of something you don't know?

In other news 2 army guys got attacked in Australia and one of them may need plastic surgery for his eyes.

Do I see the same people talking about this topic and ranting over it continuously? Of course not!! You know why? because its not popular you won't get "ups" among your group of friends talking about really bad things...
in other words...stop TROLLING.